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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Paid Jobs I Have Had

Having been "tagged" by the Rev. Paperboy over at his place, The Woodshed, I submit to you the worldly earnings of SeattleDan:

Made construction tools (very menial) for my good friends father's business
Ran a music shop that sold bootleg 4-track, then 8-track tapes
Bussed tables/Washed dishes for the UCLA cafeteria
Retail Clerk B. Dalton Books Portland, Or.
Retail/Shipping Receiving Clerk Pickwick Bookshop Beverly Hills
Owned/Operated Agenbite Books Seattle, Wa.
Retail/Shipping Receiving Clerk/Asst. Mgr. Tower Books Seattle
Sales Rep University of Chicago Press Chicago Ill. (very short stint)
Store Mgr./District Mgr. Crown Books Seattle, Wa. (horrible company, good riddance to bad trash-main perk was meeting Tammy)
General Book Buyer/Eventually Asst. Mgr. Seattle University Bookstore (17 years, first 15 great, wonderful boss; last 2 miserable, with worse boss ever)
Owner/Operator Jackson Street Books formerly of Seattle, now conveniently located in Hoquiam, Wa.

Update: we tag
Becca(&Brian) cause enquiring minds... are snoopy!
Dave vonE

SeattleTammy's resume:
Strawberry Picker
Raspberry Picker
Ole Lady HouseCleaner/ButtWiper Service
Sales and Water Duty - Plant store in Parkland, next to a yarn store, 2 blocks off of PLU campus
Dairy Dell- learning how to make chocolate/banana milk shakes and french fries?
DeliveryVan Driver Floral Shop- everybody loves you but no one tips you. Job Duty #1: comb out shop owner's 4 foot long hair and braid it.
also became floral arranger.
The Depot, stained glass studio! OMG! I am PUTTY GIRL! I am so honored! Especially when I drive to Puyallup 15 years later and see my drawing on a Billboard. (note to self: Never leave drawings behind.)
Graphic Artist:
Johnson-Cox Printers: I had a great drawing room in an ancient building, until the art director laid blame on me for mis-casting the type on a brochure.
Tony Ford Ad Agency, I did a Don Bonker brochure and the back page of a Sunset Magazine
Jenny. That was a lost year! What didn't I do?
Azteca waitress. It's hard being the token gringa!
Waldenbooks! Vi Bruster taught me how to sell books.
Crown Books! Pat S introduced me to Dano...
Sales Rep: New American Library, Dutton, Scholastic, later Penguin et al
Seattle Mystery Bookshop dogsbody. I once hosted 84 authors over 3 days and it worked!
Jackson Street Books: the Rest of My Life.


Fran said...

So. . .you're saying you've been in the book biz a day or two?

Not a bad gig, in the grand scheme of things!

mjs said...

A book guy, eh? Scooter let it slip that you held a more cloak and dagger kind of gig. Go figure.


piglet said...

Tagged! Aaah! I'll have to think about this one. Right now I'm Going to the Beach! See you in the New Year!

Paul said...

I don't have a blog, so I'm saved from tagging.. however.. I have to say that I too worked for years in a stained glass studio, Tammy, and I know EXACTLY what a putty girl does :) ...and for the rest of you... you are just gonna have to wonder, cause I'm not telling!

Alicia Morgan said...

That is so cool!