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Saturday, December 8, 2007

And So This is Christmas

and What have you done?
What a voice. Silenced too soon.

Imagine Every year, Yoko has paid for a NYT ad and I have torn it off and taped it to my front door. I hope the mailman enjoys it.
(this video of Imagine has graphic war images and video. if viewing with small children, click off when the song starts, about half way through. the first video is vintage John/Yoko footage)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Author reception: Margaret Willson

Please join us for an evening with our neighborhood author, Margaret Willson. Dance Lest We All Fall Down is a gripping first-person account of one woman’s experiences living in a Brazilian shantytown. She, a white American anthropologist, joins forces with an African-Brazilian shantytown activist to change the violence and despair they see around them. Their pledge to the residents to create a top-quality educational center for girls becomes a turbulent journey that takes us from the shantytowns of Northeastern Brazil to urban Seattle to high-society London. With the author, we experience a world of drug dealers, street urchins, and capoeiristas, English socialites, power-hungry “do-gooders,” and wise teachers. This is a true story of insight and inspiration, courage, passion, and intrigue.

Sunday, December 9th, 7pm

Virtual 360 walkabout!

Since we have so many virtual friends, we thought we should show you what our store looks like. And why it takes Dan a while to find that book for you! Enjoy the stacks!