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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Department of Book Reports

We're going to take a small break today, so please use the comments to recommend your recent literary finds. I'm finally getting around to reading Brock Clarke (Arsonist's Guide to New England Writer's Homes) in anticipation of his upcoming novel Exley. I loved Exley's novels and it's a delight to find this quirky obsessive novelist will be tackling this one.

It's been a busy week, We've gotten some shelves moved to the bookstore and discovered we'll need a truck to move the ones that couldn't fit into the van. Next week promises to be even busier as we count down to a rapidly approaching Saturday. Keep your finger crossed, as I may have big news soon about a special musical guest at the opening party.
(image from The Daily World)
Finally, here's a newspaper article you might get a kick out of. Subscription is required to view the pictures (of yours truly) and read the whole text, but it's free for the time being.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Paint Day!

Aerik wore orange so he would blend in with his surroundings. Nice camoflauge don't ya think?
The nasty psychedelic Dreamsicle has been turned into a nice terra cotta.

Book packing begins tomorrow. You just know, the one book we put in the bottom of the box will be ordered and we'll have to search through all of them to find it.