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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4:20 Shorebirds

We had decided to avoid the rush of The Festival of Shorebirds this past weekend and besides, I had to work in Ocean Shores. This morning, when I saw that the show birds' optimum viewing time was 4:20, it was a sign. A cosmic sign. Like I got a memo from da birds.
Nice Town Lady snapped a pic of us!

The boardwalk was built in 1997. It's holding up great.

We so need a better camera! And a spotting scope.

Songs heard along the way. I did see that Song Sparrow, but he flitted away so here is the singing brush. Bird Notes has a much better audio.

When we returned home, we found Ironic Litter had blown into the front rose bed. Now featured on the refridgerator.