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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Philip Jose Farmer

Tonight we were joking around at the Lonely Yak. CS gave the challenge of leave me a clever comment on Top Comments and I'll give you a video. Well, I'm not clever-on-demand. So I asked for a song for Philip

Thank You CS, it is perfect.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Local Journalist honored for contributions to racism, bigotry and general idiocy

My co-workers and I were appalled back in May '06 to see this article in a local small town paper. She got smacked down a bit over that one, but other "illustrious rags" seem to love to keep her vile bullshit in print. Not only does she still enjoy having her racist rants produced as a legitimate column, the newly appointed Director of The Legacy Project, John Hughes* is going to include a profile and oral history of "...one of this region's most notable story tellers".
Darryl, Goldy and The General covered this hack back in '06.

*When we first moved to town, I took a strong dislike to the local rag. When I saw that it's Editor of 42 years would be retiring, I gave it another try. It's improved, slightly. I'll be able to update a link to the local rag, as soon as they toddle in to work tomorrow and someone remembers to update their website. 'Cause, it would be really hard to force an editor to update a webpage on their day off!
I am disturbed at the "Legacy" Hughes will be leaving in the archives of my state.

Update: I promised to update the linkie. But if you click the above, you'll see they have merrily skipped from Saturday to Monday! Tra-La! I've registered for the damn paper and I can't get archives as a paying dead-tree subscriber. At least we get the grocery store coupons.
UPDATE: Now at dailykos with shiny, sparkly linkies!