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Friday, May 2, 2008

Community Service

We've met some truly wonderful people over at Second Life, and a couple of them are Hypatia and Zathras Afarensis. Hypatia asked us to be involved in her book drive and of course, we quickly agreed. Here's what she is doing:

The University of South Dakota student chapter of the Northern Plains Association for Educational Communications and Technology is sponsoring a book drive for the Loneman School District in Oglala, SD on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The students are exploring Internet-based communications such as blogs, Facebook and Second Life for Community Service Programs.

Loneman serves about 335 children from pre-K through 8th grades. The school is working hard to increase language arts scores in all grade levels. Our goal is to fill the libraries and send at least one book home with each child for the summer break. New and used book donations are welcome. Oglala is in Shannon County and is part of the Lakota Nation. All students are Native American. The district has Median Household Income $17,368 with an average of 4.8 persons per household. The Prior HHS Poverty Guidelines and Federal Register References lists the poverty threshold for a family of four at US $20,444.

We'll be sending packages off to the project, and would be happy to send a book for you. Contact us to order a specific title. New books that we have in stock will be discounted 30% prior to our move.

We've even gotten some ink over at Kos! How cool is that? Let's rock this book drive!