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Thursday, February 19, 2009

When Virtual Worlds Collide

SmittyGal & Roisin yakking at the Hotel Monaco while dancing at the Lonely Yak Roadhouse.
SmittyG & the Rockster.
Smitty haz a bukkit!
Rocky & Spoon
Rocky's brain on Yak.
Rocky checks out Bessie's centerfold spread.

Bookem & SmittyGal
Spoon Dastardly and Mz. Fork, the cutlery couple.
Dano & Roisin
Just like Second Life there are clothes to buy!
Ain't it the truth?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're taking a little break.

Driving down to Portland to meet some of our virtual friends! Rocky and his sister SmittyGal (acompanioned by family!) mjs, Spoon & spouse, Roisin & Co. All good folks we've gotten to know online, and now we get to put a human face on them. RL photos to follow!

If you are in Portland (the Oregon one) look for a Polonaise somewhere near the Hotel Monaco this afternoon!