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Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Fashion Edition and Tag You're It

If I wanted a fancy dress to wear out in the woods, I'd probably go look at REI, and see if they ever had the thought that a dress might actually be appropriate outdoor gear on a hike. Oh, look! They do have dresses!

But, as you can see, the choices are a bit limited. Now that we've moved a crow's flight (yes, Dave, the North American Corvis Corax sort of crow) from the Hoh Rain Forest, I've realized I really need a dress to wander the woods in.

Luckily, the NYT Travel Supplement goes Out on a Limb to find me a couple pretty frocks, suitable for tromping the woods.

And now the promised game of tag. Kathleen Taylor tagged me earlier this week, and now I have to tell you 7 things, and tag someone else. Sorta like those emails that I always start, but peter out on, until a couple weeks go by and I just hope everyone's forgotten by then... but noooooo-ooo-o! Kathi had to call me out in public! And, on a day when I was hit with a massive head cold. Well, this time I've gotten it accomplished, in less than a week, so here goes:

(me: "Come on honey, ya gotta help me write this part, seven things about me..."
SeattleDan: "erm, okay... whatya got so far?"
me: "One, period."
SeattleDan: "hahahahahahahahahahahaha!")

See why you never get an answer to those emails? okay, let's try it without the numbers.
I have driven my website to the top of teh Googles for almost a full year. Really. Google "Tibetan Turtles". Click it. You know you want to!
We moved to Hoquiam simply because "Hoquiam" is such a fun word to say.
As our neighbors left the neighborhood, SeattleDan and I became madly addicted to Second Life. We've been hanging out there for more than a year, and still haven't had sex!
Some people are still surprised to find out I love to knit. Really, you shouldn't snicker at a woman who knows how to operate 5 pointy sticks at once. I can hurt you. And not lose a stitch.
I have naturally curly hair. My mother once gave me a perm in second grade to try to straighten it. Didn't work. But, this is very important; Ladies: if your hair ever seriously changes on you, like going completely straight, and your fingernails start curling over your fingertips, have the doctor check for Anemia. It took 4 bags of Plasma for me to learn this lesson.
Yes, I drank the Kool-Aid early on. And I'm still good with that.
Is that 7 things? Ok, one more:
I can't tell you how frustrating it is to be a bookseller without a bookstore and not have at least our on-line sales up and going by now. Especially when the only competition in town is:
So, who am I going to tag?
Piglet. Just cause I love her blog name: Read This Because I Probably Won't Call. Nah, that's not true. I love Piglet for herself, and here's a good example.
And Becca (and Brian).
Where did I meet such fine folk? Well, we are members of a select cult. We stalk Adam Felber. Oh, how do you stalk a national celebrity who is about to get his second TV show? Knit him a baby sweater!
I can't leave Portland without mentioning mjs: Fine Poet, Brilliant Lyricist, lovely human.
Then there's démocommié™™™™™©®ç au courant who just started blogging and whom I dearly love.
I must mention the estimable esquire Dave von E. A lawyerly look at politics that is not to be missed.
When you simply can't get enough polls, Darryl's your man.
I also love Alice in Arkansas. You can't leave a comment, but you can read her stories, and buy her amazing lotions.
And speaking of things I love in Arkansas, Donald Roller Wilson.

Give these peeps a shout when you drive past! Tell 'em Tammy sent ya!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can I Have a Show of Hands?

Tomorrow, I'll play Tag! You're It!

Dang, I hafta tell you SEVEN things???!???

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah, Plain and Tall, in heels

Rev Paperboy showed me this picture, which is from someone else, credited there.

Got that?

and then there's this, from Mudflats. (they had to move, new link) Gawd I love them!