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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In which we get mentioned on the radio machine!

I heard yesterday that Garth Stein would be on KUOW's Weekday with a couple other authors to discuss The Future of Indie Bookstores. We decided to stream the radio at Lacamas Reading Hall and invite folks over for discussion. Here's the MP3 and the book discussion starts at 24 minutes and Garth gives a shout out to virtual Jackson Street Books at 48m. You can't see it in the picture, but w00ts filled the air!


University Bookstore is celebrating 110 years by asking 110 authors to write 110 word essays. You can see a sneak peek pdf at their website and attend the party on Sunday to get a copy of the book with the purchase of a contributor's book.

My favorite is from Maria Dahvana Headley, one of Garth's co-panelists today

Pulp Romance

He saw her across a crowded shelf.

Her deckle-edge was seductively deep, her endpapers velvety. She was a first edition, probably autographed. Any man would want to write his name in a book like her.

She noticed him perusing her pages, and blushed. He had a hard spine, and a crisp dust jacket. His eyes were capitalized, and in an obscure font designed in Amsterdam in 1768. She caught herself glancing at his flyleaf, and looked away, mortified.

They were in the YA section, and she was acting like a common galley.

"Can I have your ISBN?" he whispered. He could nearly see her addendum.

"Yes," she cooed, helpless. "Yes."