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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nothing much interesting about Serenity's travels #2

Hello again,

Ok, instalment #2: “Serenity brings on the X-mas spirit, part 1”.
On Saturday, Serenity’s very good friend Andrea came to visit, and Serenity used the opportunity to schedule some activities to introduce the X-mas spirit to her current environment. Of course, these included the eating of much Stollen. (Not sure if you are starting to see a theme here, but yes, for me, “Liebe geht durch den Magen” (German proverb saying, “love goes through the stomach”)...
and so does travel and home. Just wait till you see the pictures of the
Eisbein I intend to have soon... but I digress).
Of course, X-mas spirit is a lot about decorations and music. I played five of my favourite X-mas compilation CDs (yes, five). Those of you who were at the Yak that day would have heard a lot of the songs; plenty of Bing Crosby and the like, but also some choral and symphony orchestra renditions.
For decoration, I trudged into the basement to get out the old Weihnachtspyramide.
Again, those of you who were at the Yak that day might remember my telling you about those, and that Jane had found an SL one to put up there.
Here are a few pics of ours, which we had since I was quite little, and which, every year, gets a little more singed at the wings, as it keeps stopping when the room gets too warm...
hang on, my mom is calling to give the pyramid a little push.
Aaaaah... childhood flashback (Darned thing!) .

OK, part 2 coming up... :)

Nothing much interesting about Serenity's travels

(Editor's note: Our Second Life pal Serenity, is off on holiday. I've asked her for pictures so we can all follow along as she travels from New Zealand back to her native Germany and then to America for the first time. I'll be updating the travelogue as she goes. And seriously, we need a better title than that!)

So, here now, as requested, in our series “Nothing much interesting about
Serenity's travels”, instalment number 1. (Instalments 2 and 3 will be
on their way in a few minutes as well. Most of my travel is quite
personally oriented (as opposed to touristy), so I honestly cannot promise
that any of this will be interesting to anyone but me. Therefore, please
feel free to use your own judgement on what, if any, of this you actually
post. Please, also do not hesitate to edit for grammar and spelling and
such.This first instalment is entitled “Serenity gets to have breakfast like she used to in her childhood”. On Friday, Serenity was on bakery duty (pic #01),
and bought some very nice rolls (pic #02).
She and her mom then
had a nice German-style breakfast at the kitchen table (pic #03). I know, I know; to most of you, it will seem weird that we have cheese and cold cuts for breakfast, but that’s what a typical German-style breakfast looks like, so there. The main alternative is cereal with milk or yoghurt, but what is the fun in that?! In my humble opinion, any self-respecting German has this kind of breakfast at the very least on Sundays (unless they’re Bavarian, in which case they are allowed to have Weisswurst. Please note also the boiled egg, which in our family is enjoyed with mustard (see glass with blue lid). Yum!
(P.S.: Serenity’s mom says, “The jam is missing.”)

OK, there you go. More in a couple more e-mails.
Hope you’re well.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Auto Industry

No matter how one feels about the "auto bail-out", the attempt by the Republicans to screw the auto workers just sucks. Damn them all to Hell:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yesh we can!

Mutts is doing a series of strips to help the Obamas pick a dog. I just signed up to get the emails!