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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nothing much interesting about Serenity’s travels #7

Dear all,

Sorry for dawdling with my travelog entries, but as you all know, X-mas is exhausting... However, seeing as one of the main reasons for this trip at this time had been for me to have a real X-mas (i.e., not in summer) with a real tree with real candles on it, I thought I’d send you a few pics of said tree. So, here we go, the tree being chosenwrapped
transported home expertly
and decorated
By the way, in Germany Santa, who around here is not called Santa but “der Weihnachtsmann” (the Christmasman), comes to bring his presents on the evening of the 24 December.
The kids usually wait in the kitchen, while one or the other parent oversees the transaction in the living room. The wait in the kitchen is on average 3.7 days long when you’re six years
old, and then progressively decreases over the years until it is but a few minutes when you’re 36. (I timed it over the years, and can send a time series graph on request.)
I hope der Weihnachtsmann was as generous with all of you as he was with me (yay! I can afford Disneyland now!), and that you all had a wonderful time!

More episodes to come...

P.S. Still no snow. I asked mom to have a word with the weather. The forecast says there is a chance for "a few flakes” over the next few days. It’d better snow before I leave here on Monday! S.


Paul said...

you did make your mom carry your christmas tree home on a bike!!! ...and here I thought it was only a vicious rumor. :)

Unknown said...

She insisted, dammit!! And, once the tree is on the bike, it ain't that hard to push; and mom prefers pushing the bike to free-walking. PLUS, *I* had to carry it up the stairs to the apartment! ;P :)