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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Calling in sick

I had planned on telling you about Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, but I've been felled by the nasty cold Dan had all last week. I'll write more on this wonderful book which NPR called "a literary miracle"

 Be well. What are you reading this week?


Bukko Boomeranger said...

I'm still reading the copy of "Nixonland" that I got from you and Dan last August. Up to page 456, in a paperback that has 748 pages of content, plus another 150 of footnotes and index. It's my current "bathroom book" where I read a page or two each time I pay a visit. TMI, eh? But a book like that, where it's broken down into various incidents, lends itself to such a reading pattern.

Aside from the history lesson Nixonland provides (along with a look at how the same divisions are still splitting the U.S.) it's a blast to re-illustrate my past. I was in elementary school while a lot of the events chronicled in Nixonland were happening. Many of the names -- Harold Carswell, anyone? -- I remember hearing on the TV news from the time. Now I am reminded of how they fit into the Big Picture.

It's clear from reading Nixonland that the U.S. went through a second civil war during the 1960s and early 70s. It was not as bloody as the first one a hundred years before. More than ever, I'm convinced that the U.S. is going to undergo a third, and it's going to involve more gunfire than the second. It won't happen because the mass of Americans want it to. But the sociopaths at the top want half of America to kill the other half, to steal a phrase from thieving robber baron Stephen Jay Gould. That way, the socios can stay in power for longer. So they'll ramp up the internal antagonism the way Slobodan Milosevic did in Yugoslavia, until the little people are at each others' throats.

It's gonna go down hard, and it's gonna drag Canada in with it. The Mrs. and I are probably going to move back to Australia. There's a nice area around Byron Bay, near the New South Wales/Queensland border, where the soil is good (in Australian terms, not PacNW fertile, unfortunately) and the beaches are fantastic. Too cold for fatal jellyfish, not many shark attacks, swimmable for most of the year. It will be a good place to wait out the end of the current pattern of civilzation. We're past the tipping for global warming, with methans plumes burbling out of the warmed-up Arctic seas and the Atlantic thermohaline current stuttering. The atmosphere should begin to broil us right about the same time that Peak Oil makes the air conditioners impossible to operate. I hope to be on a beach for "On the Beach."

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