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Friday, March 19, 2010

Department of Book Reports: Once a Spy

Once a Spy by Keith Thomson (Doubleday, $25.95) This delightful satirical thriller is written by Huffington Post columnist, Keith Thomson. I'm enjoying the characters and the action-packed pace. You can get a taste of the book by reading the early chapter excerpts at HuffPo.

What happens when a spy develops Alzheimer's? Pair him with his mid-thirties son who owes the Russian mafia for his pony debts, who still thinks Dad was just an appliance salesman...

“Utterly original, it is an adrenaline-fueled concoction of sidesplitting humor and genuine suspense. Think Carl Hiassen taking on John Le Carré and the winner is the reader. What a find! I can't imagine not loving this gem of a novel!”
—Christopher Reich :: New York Times Bestselling Author

Keith will be reading and discussing his work in Second Life at Lacamas Reading Hall on Monday, March 22nd at 6pm (PDT). Stick around for some great music from Klipe Wirefly afterwards. Second Life events are, as always, over at Cafe Wellstone's ning.

Our dear Second Life friend Lelani Carver introduced us to Keith, and helped twist his arm and get him to agree to be pixilated for this reading. She really did twist his arm, she's responsible for getting his avatar all fixed up. She's old friends with Keith, having followed him since 2004 from before the publication of his first book, “Gus Openshaw’s Whale-Killing Journal”.

I'm tickled pink that Keith lists the reading in his website Events. Thanks, Keith! And be sure to follow Keith on twitter: @kqthomson

The book is available for purchase at our shopping cart, and I'll be adding a freebie in each package: a publisher's Advance Reading Copy.

Monday night will also be the debut of a new feature at our bookstore. We'll be opening a coffee cart serving Raven's Brew Coffee from Alaska. Not only can you enjoy a virtual cup of the finest espresso in Second Life, and get an exclusive tee shirt, you'll also be order coffee directly for delivery to your Real Life home.
Raven's Brew Coffee is a small, family-owned company dedicated to sourcing the world’s best coffee. Each batch of coffee is air roasted resulting in a distinct and superior flavor development, notably clean taste and an intense sweet, perfumey fragrance.

We started roasting coffee in Alaska in a garage over 17 years ago and now have roasteries in Alaska and Washington. Our green coffee buying strategy focuses mainly on heirloom varieties grown in shade-forest conditions and without the use of agrichemicals. We strive to offer only coffees that will be an enlightening experience for the customer, and fair and just for the small producers of our unique coffees. We roast certified organic as well as conventional specialty coffees.

Our label art is by world-famous Alaskan artist, Ray Troll. Ray’s designs adorn our coffee packaging as well as T-shirts, mugs, posters and postcards.

And, there is some good news from last week: Idella/Alicia has come out swinging. Go read all about it.

Thanks freinds, be excellent to one anotherz!

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