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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Visions of the Shifting Sands of Fate

Our friend Darryl has been doing computer graphs and bar charts! on the various candidates and how they poll currently if the '08 election were held now. Looks good for the Dems. My worry has always been that if Hilary Clinton were the candidate, how "electable" she would be. Doesn't look too bad really. Tammy and I really haven't made up our minds at all, though I guess our preferences would go Kucinch, Dodd, Edwards, Obama, Richardson, and all the rest. I hope that by the time we in Washington State actually caucus, it might mean something. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Dan, did you not nail those Ron Paul posters I sent up to your windows?

I have a hard time, and I've seen it on other blogs, believing OR is light blue. I mean our State Republican officials are fleeing as fast as they can (don't like public service when they're not in the majority) and in the next State election the Repubs may very well be crushed ugly. Gordon Smith is going to have a real fight on his hands to keep his seat in the Senate. We have mail-in-only voting.

Working in the ag industry I know a lot of sad Republicans with no fire. I see a lot of old Dems pissed at how things are. I see a lot of youngsters voting Dem because of Iraq.

We'll see...

Anonymous said...


In the 23 seconds it took to submit my last comment and hop to Darryl's site, I see OR is now Blue BLUE.

So, if you have stuff you need done in the next 23 seconds, just let me know!

Anonymous said...

Mt (and Dan 'n Tammy),

They have Illinois light blue, too.

Light blue my eye! We're about as true blue as it gets ... Sen. Dubin, Sen. Obama, Richard M. "Little Dick" Daley, Gov. Rod Blagojevich (love his hair!!) ...

Light blue, eh? K.M.R.I.A.!

(Well, not youse guys, of course ...)

SeattleDan said...

I have the feeling that Darryl uses the light blue/red in a precautionary manner, where the polls he utilizes are either uncertain or close.

Interestingly, the one race that Dems might have problems with would be Obama v. McCain. I have no idea why. Seems pretty clear cut to me, other than there are still some independents who see McCain as some sort of Maverick. Considering his ultra-support of Bush's Iraq/Iran agenda, he could be taken apart as fast as the sledge hammer to the ol' outhouse.

Anonymous said...

The real McCain ain't gonna poll like the mythical McCain still lingering in too many people's brains. Remember that in 2000, lots of South Carolinians supported W because they were unaware he wasn't HW. I like the analogy linking McCain to the aging, decrepit outhouse. Full of shit, and essentially useless.

DvonE, I assume that's your Illini ass being offered in the kissing booth for whoever thinks Illinois is somehow palely Democratic. Southern Illinois, maybe, but Obama apparently even wowed them down there in the corn deserts.

Do you happen to know if Karo syrup is named for Cairo, Illinois? And am I pronouncing Cairo, the most northerly Mississippi River southern city, correctly? Or maybe, simply, do I have a damned clue what I'm talking about?

Anonymous David

Anonymous said...

Anonymous David,

Please see a map, geographic, of Southern Illinois... Yes, we do grow some corn here, but you'll find the "corn deserts" more pronounced in Central Illinois-- a demographic and geographically different area than Southern Illinois. So. Il. is full of large hills and valleys, rocks, and varying soil which attributes to its agricultural diversity. So, in short, no, you don't have a damned clue of what you're talking about.

(Cairo is named after Cairo, EGYPT. Duh. And So. Illinoisans have a rich history of pronouncing towns which have been named after European, or Northern African, in this case, incorrectly. However, I don't see the difference in that and the way Northeasterners pronounce "Glouscester" or any other words they straight up leave syllables out of.)

Anonymous said...

ooops: Scratch "John," add "David"