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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tibetan Turtles 4 Burma Monks!

Halloween Turtle Trick? Or Earnest Protest?

They spent so much time on those little posters, I'd say they are pretty serious about this.


Anonymous said...

If you look real close, one of the meal worms has that "prison break" look in his eyes!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Seattle T, now I understand what Annti was talking about over at th' Gen'rul's place.

Them turtles raawwwk.

We didn't put the kitties in costumes this year. They're just too damn cool for costumes. Sometimes I wish they were dogs, but what are ya gonna do?

Anonymous said...

not for nuttin but ain't that monster under the "no blood for teak" sign an old fashioned red eared slider trying to "pass" as an exotic tibetan so as not to get sent back to the bogs and slogs of the mid-atlantic snakes?

Lobster Johnson said...

I see you got statcounter up and running.
Referer logs can be a great source of
amusement. I remember when I was the
king of "Hot Asian P**n" for all of
Microsoft Canada-Dad was so proud.

Anonymous said...

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