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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zebras and Donkeys, oh, My!

I told you about Zebras in Montesano last year. Now I have new pics!
Remember when we met the lovely Juia?
and her miniture paramour!
This is my desktop picture. Feel free to make it yours!

Well, one thing and another, things being what they are... we have a baby!
Ladies & Gentlemen: we have a Zee-Donk.
Mother and child.


Anonymous said...

Zee-Donk? Donkzee? Donkbra? Zee-bray? Ooooh, I know...Zee-Haw!

Whatever taxonomical nomenclature you give the little sweety, he/she sure is cute.

Thanks for posting.

Best regards,

Acronym Jim

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