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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a race!

who will post first? Me or Idella? I challenged her and now I'm copying as fast as I can!Yeah, she might have a nice picket fence, and a stage that would make Garrison cry, but I have a ride! The Sit-n-Spin cube.
Here's our pal Stormbear! Won't you send a book to a soldier?
The Canadians are coming! Look out!
Oh, wait. They want to explain Healthcare to us.
Here's an intersection where you can snag a free pair of Rainbow Mittens or Ask Sarah a Question.
Moody Loner will help you get your WoW on.

Okay, isn't that enough reasons to come to NetRoot Nations in Second Life? What are you waiting for? Jump in. The water's fine.

Stormy will tell you here and here. Mala jumps in today!

UPDATE!!!! Idella won!


Alicia Morgan said...

I bow to your awesome pix, Tammy!!

Shinigami Kayo said...

She may have the pics (which are fabulous) but we have a dogsled with a bomb strapped to back. Our early warning deleivery system means we can mush that team 500 miles to the south in less than 23 days in a blizzard, and deliver our payload almost directly on target. I think that trumps everything. Watchout ! Canadians are armed and dangerous and mean to flaunt their healthcare in yor noses..baaa haahaa