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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Weather Report from Hoquiam

We have a couple inches of snow, and winds haven't been too bad. Overall, we are enjoying the Winter Wonderland.
Here's a comparison, Summer and Winter from the same window.

And another.

Stay warm!


Shinigami Kayo said...

Ahhhh..the white stuff
Good to know you share this wonderful thing with the likes of your neighbour. The shovelling, scrapping. Now all we need to add in is some windchill and a touch of -30 c to make you an Honarary Canadian.
It is a very beautiful community your in, and truthfully I am a little jealous. Make sure the guset room gets finished if I come vist.

Serenity, S.P.T. said...

Me is jealous!!!! Throw a snowball at Dano for me. (But don't hurt him!) :D

the rev. paperboy said...

This is because I played 15 different versions of "White Christmas" at my party on Sunday isn't it? Stupid supreme beings weather committee can't even send the stuff to the right frickin' hemisphere!

MJS said...

Wonderful pics. The ivory chill of winter chastens even as it seduces!