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Sunday, December 14, 2008

As Promised! Her Pinkness!

In which I get all photos hopelessly confused. But I trust you can figured it out by now. ... instalment #3: “Serenity brings on the X-mas spirit, part 2”. Another traditional German X-mas decoration is the Adventskranz.
This year, to give the whole X-mas spirit a turbo boost, Serenity spontaneously decided to make her own.
Having my friend Andrea there was quite convenient, as this is really a two-woman job. Here is us during the final stages of the project (pic #08), and here is a picture of the finished result (pic #09).
We were quite perplexed about how well it turned out, especially considering how little previous practice (none), planning (15 minutes from getting the idea to having bought all the “ingredients”) and/or skill (well, obviously we are regular Martha Stewarts; just didn’t know it) the whole exercise was benefitting from. This is me lighting the first candle (pic #10)This is me lighting the first candle (pic #10), and
Andrea lighting the second (pic #11).
And finally, the finished Adventskranz on the coffee table (pic #12). In the background, you can see some slices of Stollen (see previous episode) and the Marzipan cake mom got
for my birthday. Tomorrow (Sun, 14 Dec) is the third Advent, so we’ll light the third candle then. :)

(I promise to actually leave the house at some point and send you some
pictures of the area!)


Jane2 said...

And all I had to do was find a store in SL Munchen and pay them some Lindens! But yours is much prettier :)

Fran said...

I've been watching and reading, and thank you for sharing. Lillian sometimes misses Germany, and she definitely loved Christmas in Germany, so this is a lovely gift.

Thankk you!

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