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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Looking at the Garden

It's a little intimidating, because I've been told by the locals this house and grounds were "the Crown Jewel of North Hoquiam!" and "I moved to the Harbor 25 years ago and that place was a Showcase!"

Here's a partial tree list, with pictures!

15 Rhododendrons
5 Azaleas
3 Magnolia

3 Apple Trees
2 Cherry
1 Fig
2 Pear

6 Peony plants
3 Blueberry Bushes
Striped Variegated Bamboo

2 colors of Wegelia
Snowball Tree

Salmon colored Quince

Salmon Berries!
2 Japanese Maple

Hardy Fuchsia
2 Camellias

And somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 roses. I'll try saving as many as I can, but they are on very aged and damaged root stocks.


Michael said...

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MJS said...

You appear to have taken on quite a responsibility--lovely endeavor, what?

Speaking of Salmon Berries...

Going to the Blues Fest on Saturday...Portland says hi.


SeattleDan said...

We'd planned to go to the Blues Fest this weekend, but realized earlier this week that we were too exhausted, and too anxious to start settling into the house.

We are planning to go to the Fall trade show of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association in mid-September, and will spend an extra day so we can meet our Portland buddies.

Have a great time at the Fest! Hoquiam returns salutations.

Arkinsaw said...

Wow! Tammy and Dan! What a gift you got with your new home. Your are surrounded by all those beautiful plant beings. I suggest you just spend some time listening to them, and they will tell you what they want. With any luck they may just be a bunch of lazy souls. :-))


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