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Monday, September 24, 2007

Outside Child- my Booksense recommend

Outside Child, by Alice Wilson-Fried (Komenar Press, $25.95 hc, $15.95 pb)
An "outside child" is a child born of an unmarried woman and a married man. In highly class conscious New Orleans, this will still cause problems among the people who are quick to judge and have memories stretching back for generations.
Ladonis is a MBA graduate, now working for a Paddle Wheel Cruise line. When her boss falls over the end of the boat, it may be accidental or suicide. But disturbing ambitions of the rest of the management team cause her to wonder if it was accidental at all. She must rely on her street smart brother HeartTrouble to help her solve this murder.
Alice grew up in New Orleans and uses the city in a way no other author has. Pay attention to the piers along Woldenberg Park. Alice is, to my knowledge, the first African-American voice to tell stories of modern New Orleans. The next book in this planned trilogy will take place during Katrina.
I loved this story and look forward to the next installments.

signed copies are available.


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