(Jackson Street) Books on 7th is around the corner and on the internet tubes. We strive to be your full-service new and used bookstore, emphasizing good literature, progressive politics, and, of course, books about baseball. Opened in Hoquiam October 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Books on 7th

We've signed a lease, and tomorrow we meet with the landlord to note any damage to the space and get the keys. Then, the fun can begin.. moving shelving and books and stand-ees and bookends and posters and books and the big table and the desk and books and.. and..

I keep thinking of more things I'll be needing over there. Of course, we already have all of it, it's just a matter of getting it into a box and moving it 4 blocks. I have been hoping we'll have dry weather and can move most everything by foot, on a handtruck. It'll be nice bragging rights to say this was an entirely Green move.

Stay tuned, I'll have more pictures tomorrow!


Brian in NC said...

I am so happy for you guys! I wish I was there to help!
Don't forget the coffee maker!

Alicia Morgan said...

Tammy, do you notice a similarity between the arches/columns on the new place and your SL bookstore?

SeattleTammy said...

Thanks, Brian!

Alicia, I really couldn't be more thrilled with the location. Well, it could be bigger... but now we can aspire to be Hoquiam's Smallest Bookstore!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is about a bazillion miles from the edge of the Green Swamp, heart of the Floridan Aquifer (which is one big, abused aquifer), to Hoquiam, Washington. Otherwise I would be there to help.

Congrats on the new digs.

Anonymous David

Rev.Paperboy said...

Hip hip hooray!