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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Strawberry Days

Ruby jars of June sunshine captured for a cold rainy winter's night.
Can't stop stirring now! Full rolling boil for one minute.
Spooner Farms is one of the fields I picked as a fourth grader. I think we got 50 cents per flat. You wore a punch tag on a string around your neck and on Friday you turned them in to collect your pay. If you were lucky enough to be assigned nice clean rows and picked pretty berries like these, you got moved up to pick for the fruit stands. Then you'd get 75 cents a flat. I hope they pay better now-a-days, as this half flat costs $10.00

Strawberry bombs were a favorite field prank. Find a really large berry, that's over-ripe and squishy, preferably with a slug or two attached. Insert firecracker into stem end, ignite and toss into the row in front of your friend. Hilarity ensued.
I can't can Strawberry Salsa because I don't have a pressure cooker, so we'll have a fresh batch tonight with avacadoes

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