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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Um, Maura Liasson?


Seriously. This is what we get to listen to about the alarming rise of gun nuts and idiots going all Ca-razy about shooting up the um, occupying forces?

Really. I mean it. STFU!


Anonymous said...

Tammy, I happened to be in the car with my wife on our way to pick up our daughter from daycare when I heard this story. I could not believe it. She let this wind-bag talk without challenging anything he said. The guy got a good two-minutes to air his right-wing extremist views without so much as a question from Laisson. What the hell?

This was on freaking NPR?! Seriously?

Sure they air this kind of nonsense on Fox News (although Shep Smith probably would have mocked the gun nut if he had been on his show) … but Fox News might as well come with a warning label, because everybody knows their nonsense is hazardous to your mental health.

But N.P.-Friggin’-R?

Wait until Chicago Public Radio runs its next pledge drive. See how much the von Ebers clan ponies up.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. I guess I spelled her name wrong. “Liasson,” I meant.