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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Earmarks My Royal Irish Arse

Maybe it's just me, but I am sick unto death about the Republican whiners talk about earmarks in the latest spending bill signed by the President on Wednesday. First off, those suckers are getting 40% of those earmarks, and will be the first to return to their districts to pat themselves on the back for bringing in some money. And, two, the earmark portion represents 2% of the total frickin' bill. 2%. And most of them will be for good and needed projects/programs.

Case in point. There is not a weather radar system on the Washington coast. That would certainly be useful to those of us who live here. And it would be useful to the forecasters in Western Washington who would like to predict the weather accurately in the Puget Sound region. This bill provides a start: Two million. Four million will ultimately be needed. But it's a start. And it just might enhance our lives a bit.


Fran said...

Bah. Who needs weather radar out here? It's raining. Or it's about to rain. Or it just stopped raining. Who needs radar for that?

Besides, the earthquakes and volcanoes would take it out, so why spend the money?

2%! Gah! Cheney probably spent substantially more than that on his Death Squads!

mjs said...

Two points here:

#1. You tell 'em, Dan! All the Fright Wing has left in its arsenal is the Incendiary Word of the Day Club, with Limbaugh, Hannity et al drooling their commentary out of their snouts. Indeed, they are the Zombies that they would have you fear.

#2. Cheney is a rogue Mayan God, originally unearthed during a diarrhea expedition financed by the United Fruit Company back in the 40s. It is said that if you pray to him during a full moon he will personally stain your underwear.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Dan.

’Nother case in point: The Republicans – including John Sydney McCain III – have been whining about the federal government dropping a coupla million to upgrade the projector at the Adler Planetarium here in Chicago. Those whining dickwads likely have no idea what an incredible place the Adler Planetarium is, especially in a major urban environment where you really can’t see much of the cosmos after dark, on accounta the sulfur street lamps ’n klieg lights ’n such; but I think it’s safe to say the Adler Planetarium inspired a fair number of young Chicagoans over the years, most likely including a young woman named Mae Jemison … the same Mae Jemison who went on to become the first African American woman to go into space.

You just never know when that “pork” will change the freakin’ world.

So, speaking of Royal Irish Arses, those pricks can kiss mine. My fat, white, Royal Irish Arse, thank you very much.

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