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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Philip Jose Farmer

Tonight we were joking around at the Lonely Yak. CS gave the challenge of leave me a clever comment on Top Comments and I'll give you a video. Well, I'm not clever-on-demand. So I asked for a song for Philip

Thank You CS, it is perfect.


Fran said...

He was an amazing author and he will be missed.

Love Alison's voice -- always have!

Gen. JC Christian, Patriot said...

Did he die?

I loved the Riverworld series.

the rev. paperboy said...

As a fan of both the Tarzan books and "Junkie" "Naked Lunch" etc etc, my second favorite piece of Farmer's work is his Burrough pastiche "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod"

My favorite will always be "Venus on the Half Shell" by "Kilgore Trout"

But the first Riverworld books are a mighty close third.