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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Streamed

Hang on tight here, kids! I'm about to tell you to do something I never thought I'd say: Buy this from Amazon. Whew. There. I said it!

This album has been put together by Rev Paperboy, in Second Life. He's pulled together a great set of SL musicians and the end result is wonderful!

Here's the songlist:
The Revolution Will Be Streamed

1. So Glad - Richard Maynard-Langedijk
2. My Strange Love - Brian Lillie and the Squirrel Mountain Orchestra
3. Super Evil - Spoon Spatula
4. Arianara - Los Gatos
5. Hank Paulson's Blues - The Black Tie Martini Club
6. Gimme a Job - the Extras
7. Jesus: The Anti-Rap - Billy Bob Neck
8. Endless Night - Richard Ainslie
9. Zumbro Valley - Zathras Afarensis
10. One More (Land of Beginning Again) - Katherine King Segal & Charlie Brown
11. Watcha Gonna Do? - Golgotha
12. Rachel's Song - Scott & Michelle Daiziel
13. Samba Do Sueno - Pete Siers & Los Gatos
14. Darker, Longer - Calliope's Radio

Check out the links, you'll be able to listen to the music there. And buy 5 copies while you're at it!


Nefferkitti said...

I was one of the 2 people to hear the album/CD as Rev was putting the finishing touches on it. He worked very hard on this and it shows!!!
Go to Amazon.com and get it...now. You will enjoy it.
In fact, start your holiday shopping early this year, and allow all of your friends to enjoy the album as well... buy 10 copies and you will be done with your shopping for presents til Black Friday.

the rev. paperboy said...

and all the money goes to support political activism through Netroots Nation in Second Life, let's not forget that.

Seattle Tammy telling people to buy stuff at Amazon? Now that is the very definition of self-sacrifice! What next? Dogs and cats living together? Will I see a cow on the roof of a cowshed?

But seriously, I didn't do much -- all the credit goes to the artists who donated their creativity and hard labour. And even put up with my creative spellings of their names.

Serenity, S.P.T. said...

Buy it! :)

Blogger said...

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