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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Love, or sumthing

Oh, where do I start?
On Jan. 22, 2009, a case began in Canadian court, in which Canada’s “same-sex marriage” law is being used to justify polygamy. Defense lawyers for two men, charged with marriage to twenty women, and two women, respectively, utilize the argument: if gay marriage is legal, why not polygamy.
After polygamy, we can expect multi-partner, man/boy, woman/boy, man/very young girl, etc. Now we see the future reality emerging: the way to abolish marriage is to redefine it out of existence. If everything can be marriage, pretty soon nothing will (need to) be marriage.

(Ed note: I was trying to cut her short(er), but this next paragraph is so damned funny:)
The advance of society is dependent upon future generations. Children need protection from exploitation, from irresponsible choices, forced or arranged marriage, by incestuous relationships or by predators who may be allowed their freedom to express their (perverse) preferences. How do we accomplish this without laws preserving the family and marriage? We must preserve social mores.

Legalized gay marriage is now a legal stepping stone. Let us sidestep it in the first place.

If marriage and laws to regulate marriage are abolished, what follows would be skyrocketing social problems. Look for increased genetic pool corruption, sexually transmitted disease, crimes of passion related to jealousy, abuse, rage, and further exploitations.

Is this what she's on about?

Of course, she's a Republican! Mmmmmmm! Buffalo!
Jill Lagergren, resident of 91 Porter Creek Road West, Elma, Washington, discussed the
vote-by-mail proposal. She reported that she has been involved in the election progress
as an observer for the 2004 election. Ms. Lagergren expressed concern regarding the
registration process for VBM. She requested that the Board of Commissioners carefully
consider the VBM proposal. Ms. Lagergren recommended that in order to insure greater
accuracy the County reduce mail voting to a minimum instead of expanding it.

Gosh! Vote By Mail Worked! Who woulda thunk it?
Jill luvs her some Rossi!

I guess the best reason we need to go to council/civic imput meetings is to shout down the Jills. 685 people decided the Vote By Mail resolution, and Jill was a constant shrill.


Shinigami Kayo said...

I enjoyed the Candian take on it, which was to pretend the issue didn't exist for years and years. This was because no one wanted go to all the trouble of challenging the legality of it. It was just a pain in the ass legally, involving all levels of government. It would have continued to be ignored if the press and authorities had not jumped on that complaint from the south.
I thought that was way that things worked. Ignore it, shoot, shovel, that sort of thing..much easier than actually dealing with problems.
Just imagine how much easier our lives would be if we simply ignored issues...pretending they are not there. Bills, taxes, personal responsiblity...all a thing of the past. Utopia would be just around the corner.

Fran said...

It never ceases to amaze me how people leap from gay marriage to pedophelia to beastiality in one fell swoop.

What is it these people think about anyway?

And have they never heard the phrase "consenting adults"? Sheesh. Whack-jobs and wingnuts abound.

MJS said...

If gay marriage is a stepping stone to all manner of lascivious unions, can it not be said that heterosexual marriage was a stepping stone to gay marriage? I guess it all depends on whose stone you're stepping on...

p.s. ooh...I like this lineLook for increased genetic pool corruption. We'll need a genetic DA to investigate all sorts of illegal DNA activities. Kick-backs, RNA laundering, chromosome swapping, et al. There's a million stories in the naked city...


SeattleDan said...

RNA laundering, mjs? I hadn't realized mine needed cleaning! I'll get right on it.

Serenity, S.P.T. said...

Serenity weeps.

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