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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nothing much interesting about Serenity’s travels #6

Dear All,

Another pre-X-mas episode in our series “Nothing much interesting about Serenity’s travels”. On Sunday, the fourth Advent Sunday, mom and I
went to the city centre to hear Berlin’s Children’s Choir sing X-mas songs in the Konzerthaus Berlin (pics #18 and 19).
The Konzerthaus is one of the many beautiful venues for classical music events in Berlin see the German Wikipedia site for a
couple more pictures, and it is located on one of Berlin’s most beautiful squares, the Gendarmenmarkt.
Currently, the square is taken over by a Weihnachtsmarkt (pics #20 and 21). After the concert, mom and I had planned to visit my sister-in-law at her booth at a different Wihnachtsmarkt.
I tried to persuade mom to start a drinking game; at every Weihnachtsmarkt we pass on the way, we would have had to have a mug of mulled wine (pic #22). Mom did not want to play. :( But I got to make more mulled wine at home later on. :)
Here is my sister-in-law at her booth (pic #23). She makes angel-type creatures. Seriously, that’s the best I can do to translate “Engelsame Wesen”, which is what her enterprise is called. ;)
And here, finally, a photo of our local Weihnachtsmarkt (pic #24) in front of the closed-down cigarette factory. Rather a little bit sad looking, but I had a nice waffle with cream and advokaat. Apparently, Berlin has some 80 christmas markets this year, so with a bit of planning one could have had a pretty good buzz with my drinking game... ;)
Hope you are all well! Merry X-mas and/or Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

P.S.: No snow for X-mas, that seems to be for sure now. But mom has decided that there will be snow next Sunday. Let’s hope the weather is a good little weather and listens to mom. S.


Fran said...

I kinda wish we hadn't stolen all Serenity's snow, somehow.

democommie said...

Merry early winter binge buying commemoration!

Snow, you want some freakin' snow. For a mere $2.50/pound or $11.00/Kilo I'll send you all the friggin' snow you want (clean snow will be slightly higher). We actually had about a foot on the ground yesterday but we've had a Great Lakes Chinook of some sort that has melted the biggest part of it overnight and now, IT'S SNOWING AGAIN!

Have a gallon or two of mulled cider for me.

Enjoy your life and your loved ones.



MJS said...

Neato pics and news from the Old World. Thanks for blogging this.

As for nature's frosting I intended to put up a sign outside our house in Portland that reads as follows:



SeattleDan said...

We have free snow, too! Going fast!

Skal said...

Hi there Pink Thing!

I want to play that drinking game, please???

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