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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tennessee Tactics Copycatted in Washington State

Washington State Republicans can't even be bothered to change the copy.

*Lori Sotelo, Chair of the King County Republicans, appears first in the video. In 2005, Ms. Sotelo tried to disenfranchise nearly 2,000 voters by claiming "personal knowledge" that they were incorrectly registered. The King County Canvassing Board threw out most of the challenges. Ron Sims described Ms. Sotelo as "our local Katherine Harris."
Whom do you admire, Michelle Obama or Lori Sotelo?

State Senator Val Stevens, representing the 39th Legislative District, spoke on the floor of the Legislature last year and compared homosexuality to bestiality, necrophilia, and incest.

Add that to this Eastern Washington idiocy.

*Thanks, Dwight Pelz!


Fran said...

Gee, do you suppose Senator Stevens is going to introduce a bill that will bar me from owning pets and going to cemetaries and living with my family?

MJS said...