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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Case of The Cross-dressing Chinook

Teh Googles can really hit pay dirt sometimes.
Hybrid fanged Co-nooks.

As Southern Oregon's only private eye specializing in fish and wildlife investigations, I expect long lapses between cases. But I haven't had a live client walk through that door since the albino deer caper last year, and even then I got paid off in bear sausage and night crawlers.

Maybe it's the booze talking. It's talked outta turn before. But the stench in the room hangs like wet waders on the hat rack, and it can't be ignored.

If I don't get a case fast, I'll have to pull my shingle, shelve my winged-tipped wading boots for good and beg for my old job as the Fish Hack for the local Fish Wrap.

UPDATE: Linky fixed! Thanks Lobster Johnson!


Lobster Johnson said...

The link, she is not right.
Attached to the start, bad stuff is.

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