(Jackson Street) Books on 7th is around the corner and on the internet tubes. We strive to be your full-service new and used bookstore, emphasizing good literature, progressive politics, and, of course, books about baseball. Opened in Hoquiam October 1, 2010

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jackson Street Books at Moondust

Jackson Street Books is now open on Second LifeThe blue tree in the backyard.
Front door looking over at Birdland, a jazz club devoted to Coltrane!
One of the reading rooms.

Upstairs, I have a photo gallery of historic Jackson Street, to show Second Life our hood.
Jackson Street Books is now virtual!


Fran said...

Oh this is SERIOUSLY cool! And people can actually order/buy books there? It's the wave of the future, bay-bee, and you're surfin' like a pro! Congratulations!

the rev. paperboy said...

Yay! there goes...I mean welcome to the neighbourhood!

freereed Freenote said...

Too Cool To Talk About...@!@!! How can we get more people to visit this great bookstore? ... Oh and by the way... I am PROUD Jackson Street Books is on Moondust@!

Nick said...

"I think it's cool that Jackson Street Books is on Second Life!"
Nick, J.T.'s son

Anonymous said...

The printed word has power. History has shown communication of ideas, has raised nations, toppled great men,and taught generations to critically think about the nature of their world.
Like my first book "The little Steam Shovel" it will always serve a purpose, even in the cyber world of our future.