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Sunday, February 3, 2008


the update from the red state. I love these guys!

and, Yes We Can!
As If! if only.

signed, sealed, delivered -
I'm Yours!

UPDATE: “If anyone can navigate the contaminated waters of Washington, lift up the poor, and appeal to the rich to share their wealth, it is Barack Obama. If anyone can bring light to the darkened corners of this nation and restore our positive influence in world affairs, it is Barack Obama. If anyone can begin the process of healing and bring unity to a country that has been divided for too long, it is Barack Obama. It is time to begin a new journey.”

Joan Baez has endorsed a candidate. Stop the planet!


Anonymous said...

Okay, love the "Yes we can" video ... but why is it that the only celebrity I recognize is that Lew Alcindor?

Damn, I'm gettin' old.

SeattleTammy said...

We know whatcha mean Dave. Here's a handy Cheat Sheet.

And check out Joanie!

SeattleDan said...

And thanks for remembering Lewis "Kareem" as Coach Wooden ended up calling him. It has inspired me to do a post soon about my days as a UCLA student, working in the dishroom of the cafeteria, and how the respective football and basketball teams treated the help. Coming up soon on JSB!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dan. I just remember Kareem from Airplane! ...