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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We just love Fran!

when she talks about stuff.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff indeed.

Y' know, I think we need to stop declaring war on, um, nouns. Know what I'm sayin'?

War on Drugs!

War on Terror!

War on Pork Chops!

(Keep yer hands offa my pork chops, by the way ...)

Really, those bozos do this stuff on purpose. The whole idea behind using the term "terrorism" or "terrorist" was to blur the line between military action and ordinary, garden variety criminality ... so the government could react however it chose whenever it was faced with people it didn't like. Which is why the geniuses in Washington now like to describe radical environmentalists as ... Eco-Terrorists!. (Cue "Bring on the Dancing Horses" ...)

But, of course, those same folks'll never recognize the Christian Jihadis who walk among us, as the Fran-ster says. Why? Because the guv'mint likes those terrorists, is why.


Anonymous said...

And it likes terrorism against third world countries which either have resources we want or some strategic significance, so long as it's either us or our guys doing the terrorizing, maiming, killing, and/or generally destroying, but which we are willing to end when either they bend to our will or, as in Viet Nam, we finally have to stop and let them go their own way. Maybe more needs to be said about how Viet Nam was able to get its act together and become a peaceful member of the international community once we ended our attempted occupation.

And no, any Jeanne Kirkpatrickists out there, I do not hate my country or blame her first, but I damned sure hate some of the things she has done and continues to do, and I most certainly blame her when she is homicidally wrong. These are, after all, civic obligations.

Anonymous David

Anonymous said...

Oops, possible significant difference. We had not succeeded in completely smashing Viet Nam and rendering it unable to function, even though we damned sure tried, and even threw in whacking Cambodia while we were at it. Still, I think everyone concerned would be better off if we gathered up our war toys and came home.

But what the hell do I know? After all, I'm certainly no George Bush.

Anonymous David