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Monday, November 12, 2007

We're #1 !!!1!

at the googles. Really! You fine people have clicked on the Tibetan Turtles so many times, we are at the top of the search for um, real, tibetan turtles. Go click it again! You know you wanta!

Other people have come here for other reasons. Liberty Lake, WA came looking for "spokane woman seeking male sex slave" We're on page 5 there. That same entry was the result of the search for "pen pal contact email of man in glober"

Another seeking googler, looked for used playboys. Yup, there we are on page 1 there also, luckily at the bottom.


Mt said...

Um, could you all forward that "spokane woman's" contact info to me?

p.s. Have you shipped the used playboys yet?

Mt said...

Heck, if googly "books and turtles" JSB ranks like #6!!!