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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New History Books for This Week

New arrivals are of the historical kind. Jay Winik’s mammoth study of the early years of the Republic, The Great Upheaval: America and the Birth of the Modern World 1788-1800 (Harper $29.95) and brings together such figures as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Catherine the Great, Robespierre, Napoleon and Selim III, sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
The companion book to Ken Burns’ new seven-part documentary, The War, set to debut on September 23rd, is now available. Another mammoth opus, the book, published by Knopf at $50.00, this work focuses on the men and women who actually fought the war, in all of its heroism and gruesomeness and is richly illustrated.
The Book Thief (Alfred Knopf for Young Readers $11.99) is now out in paperback. Very well reviewed when it was published last year, it is a novel about young Liesel Meminger, a foster child, who tries to eke out a living in wartime Munich by stealing.

What are you reading?


Linkmeister said...

I'm waiting for my library to get Takeover, by Charlie Savage, the Boston Globe reporter who first publicized the Bush signing statements.

I'm also hoping they'll get Glenn Greenwald's A Tragic Legacy, which discusses the Good v. Evil attitude Bush and his minions have.

Anonymous said...

The Ottoman Empire?! What could the Ottoman Empire possibly have to do with th’ U.S. of A.?

Lemme guess, that Winnik feller probably writes about that George Washington and th’ Treat of Tripoli, too … y’know, th’ one that says “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion …”

SeattleDan said...

Link, I liked Greenwald's book a great deal. Well, maybe like isn't the right word, considering the subject matter. But it is a good analysis, if a bit incomplete.

Dave v.E., we were fighting the Ottomans over there so we didn't have to fight them over here.

Anonymous said...

Dan: Ah, yes ... the Ottoman Menace. I recall what it did to Dick Van Dyke back in the day.