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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boffin, Chack, Clour and Bick*

Last night we attended the taping of "Says You!". It's fun to see the whole program being put together and try to guess what will be left in the final airing. Not so fun, the people behind us who had to voice their (often incorrect) guesses. Or the woman in front of us who informed Richard Sher loudly the the Pike Place Market Pig is named "Matilda". I really thought these people were being so noisy the questions would be disqualified.

They tape two episodes, back to back, so now you can see why every other week, the cast seems a bit punch-drunk. They were quite silly on the second round. The two kids who were scoring, also held up the word for the audience to see, and listen closely for the audience reaction to "Bick"; the kid held the sheet of paper up upside down!

Town Hall is a lovely venue, but last night was too darn hot! The panelists were taking off their jackets and rolling up sleeves. Paula Lyons finally asked if doors could be opened in sympathy for the women (of a certain age) in the audience fanning themselves.

The Garfield High School String Quartet provided lovely music, and we got to hear the song by itself, presumably so that Richard Sher's voice can be over-lapped later. I can see they do a lot of layering to produce this show, as opposed to "Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!" that tries for the first take and then re-caps what doesn't work after the main run-through.

*so, what do the words in this headline mean? If you don't know, you'll have to tune in starting October 6th, for the airing of the Seattle episodes. We aren't telling!


Anonymous said...

I found this posting with a google search: I was listening to the show and got a phone call right when they were giving the answer to "clour." I can't find the definition anywhere on the net - can you tell me the answer???? Thanks!


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